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Guitar Repairs in Berks & Montgomery and a rare 23 fret Peavey (?)…

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Breaking News…we are expanding our presence West!  Don’t worry, we’re not moving, just offering pickup and drop off services at the High Street Music Company in Pottstown.  Located at 135 E. High Street, Pottstown, PA 19464.  Phone is 610-906-3357 .  Just drop off your instrument with Louis at the studio and we’ll get you a free estimate by phone or email within a day or so.  Right now it’s a 5-day turnaround, but it sure beats driving all the way to Richboro from Berks and western Montgomery county.  For directions and hours, check them out at

 Our guitar repair shop is busier than ever and we want your business!  Plus that pesky urge for world domination, but that’s another post.  And not  just guitars, but your violin, mandolin, dobro, bass, amplifiers, PA gear, you name it. Setups, refrets, pickup installations, structural repairs, electronic mods, trem installations, nuts, saddles…you get the idea. We do it all, satisfaction guaranteed.

Here’s a link to our repairs page with some basic services and pricing info.  All other jobs by quote. Hope to hear from you soon.  Email us at or call 215-355-6711.

Now on with the show.

Here’s an interesting one.  First I’ll say that we’ve noticed an increase in Strat owners leaving the back plate off of their guitars. Nothing new, but seems to be more common. At least for the last 3-4 weeks. So that made us think of offering customized trem cavities. Yes, we are serious. First we sunbursted the cavity on a black strat. Looked cool. No pics. Sorry.  Then we did a stencil. Looked nice too. Today’s pic features a burled maple laminate over the ash body to match a stunning burled maple neck. Think about it. Nothing says custom like a personalized trem cavity. And if you don’t have a trem cavity, we’ll route one for you. Then we’ll stencil it.  Just think about it.

Here’s a killer Tele that we installed one of our all time favorite pickups in, the G&L MFD. It’s the soapbar looking jobbie in the neck position. To do this, we had to expand the route in the neck position and route the pickguard.  Sounds incredible on this guitar.  Pares nicely with the bridge pickup and a nice 2007 Monte Antico Rosso red.  This Tele has a 3- way toggle on the upper horn for pickup selection and the conventional spot for the selector is now a 3-way for the humbucker for Split/Parallel/Series.

Peavey Mystic. I know. I want one too. Super cool guitar from the mid 80’s with Peavey’s little understood T-60 tone circuit. I don’t know if that’s the formal name but that’s what we’ve always called it. When the tone control is on ’10’, it’s a single coil. Back it off a little and it’s a humbucker. Back it off a little more and the tone control starts doing its job.  So usually when people plug these in, they complain the pickups are weak. But back that tone to ‘9’ and the hum goes away, the volume goes up and the low mids arrive to the party.  So what’s the problem with this one?  It’s the bridge. Can’t intonate it. See here…

Even with the saddles all the way forward, still too flat at the 12th.  What we guessed was that the bridge placement was done with a 22 fret neck in mind. So after some careful measuring, we decided to cut down the neck to allow for proper intonation.

Here we are after some time with my old Ginsu knives. They can even cut a penny. Saw a Ginsu salesman do that when I was about 9.  Or maybe that was Cutco. No it was Cutco, I was 8, and they were scissors that cut the penny. My saw cut this neck. Then we smoothed it out on the belt sander, gently rounded the edges and refinished the end of the neck.

We also had to re-drill the neck screw holes.  Nice clamp shot. My favorites.

Now it’s the very rare 1985 23 fret version.

And now a glamour shot of that Mystic…

Here’s another of our Custom Carve Necks coming off the line. Well, the bench. We don’t have a production line. Yet. Lightly flamed and gunstock oiled for our favorite blend of feel and sheen. Sounds like a hair color commercial.

Thanks for looking and check us out at

And if you happen to work east of Reading along the 422 corridor or east of King of  Prussia on the PA Turnpike, give us a call and take us up on our  complimentary pickup/delivery service to your business or office.  Pickup and delivery between 10am and 11:00 am Monday thru Thursday only.

Thanks for watching!