sticker removal and ANOTHER aged tele

Here’s when adhesive and lacquer just don’t play well together.  After a valiant effort to remove an old sticker, a customer walks in with his beloved LP Studio in need of fix’n up.

Here’s a close-up, showing the finish rubbed to the bare wood in spots…

Now the plan of attack for this guy could have gone a few ways. The main issue was matching the color of this aged Gibson finish. There were about 3 distinct shades of white going on with this guy, so a spot repair wasn’t going to look good. Also the back and sides were really dinged up, so we had to figure out what was worth doing and what to leave alone.  We decided on just overspraying the top. The offending area was sanded smooth, filled and sprayed with arctic white lacquer. After buffing the heck out of the edges, the blend was as good as we could have hoped for.  Since this was budgeted as a sub $200 job including a setup, I think it turned out better than expected.

This IS arctic white, just looks ivory due to my poor photography skills.  I should use the services of Rebecca Coyle Photography, as should all of you.   Don’t worry, the color match was solid.

What else, what else? Oh yeah. We had an old, honest to goodness beat up Tele body. Now we like to build custom guitars with the coolest parts that are within arm’s reach. So we ended up with a ’72 Tele Custom-style pearl pickguard, a Fender Vintage Noiseless Tele bridge pickup, an Allparts hardtail bridge, a creme Bill Lawrence neck pickup and some tuners. The only drag was that we had to rout the body to fit the pickguard. Oh well, here goes…

I didnt’ have a template, or patience, so we did it freehand. The routes are cleaner than they look, but the black stain skewed the edges a little. Not perfect  are they, but we’re a sensitive group here.

So we stained the back a satin ebony and sprayed the top in a satin amber laquer, wore it out, aged it and buffed it to a really thin coating. The edges were scraped and softened.  We’re not going for an authentic vintage look, more of a played-out frankenstein Tele.  The neck got the same treatment.

The headstock logo was embossed and we’re gunning for a hand-painted sign look.  I can feel you judging us. It’s o.k. I was warned.

We copied the finish wear pattern on the neck from a customer’s 50’s Strat. It doesn’t look real, but you get the idea. We’re having fun with this guitar and try to make a head-turning piece of guitar goodness to wow your friends and impress your neighbors.  And it feels great with some major league tones to boot. Yay Richboro Music!

Here’s a gig bag with a Dragon on it. Have a great day.


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