Rare Les Paul gets a de-yellowing…

Look away if you’re squeamish…
This poor Les Paul Pro Lite had it rough. First off, it was finished in the rare and desireable Nuclear Yellow finish (it is from ’88) then treated to a few coats of black Krylon spray paint.  We’re picking up where the stripper started getting that evil combination off of this mahogany wonder.

Here’s another in-process shot showing more of that Yellowy goodness.  Note the bevels around the edge. This guitar is almost Ibanez Saber thickness and is remarkably thin for anything that came from Gibson. It also boasts a single P-90 size pickup with EMG-style cover and a Steinberger KB Trem.

And here we are 5 minutes later after dipping it in a tub of brown paint. Amazing how that works.  We kept the yellow edge on the original pickguard, although we were dying to Sharpie it out. I think it’s a nice nod to its history without being too obvious about it.

Here’s the headstock after some mild aging and a new logo. The old logo was silk screened over the previously mentioned Nuclear Yellow.  We put some impressions around the drawn logo to simulate an aged inlay. It sort of works. I think. No, I know it does.  Low self esteem cannot be changed with Oreos. It just can’t.As you can see from this angle, there were a good number of little nicks and dings that led us in the aging direction from the jump. We didn’t want to fill the honest wear and make it look too shiny and new. I’m hoping the owner (Big J) gets lots of excited guitar guys asking him what the heck that guitar is.

And there you have it. Another week in the life at the music store, solving the world’s complex problems by ingnoring them.

A big thanks to Jason for letting us do this job for him.

And now for some advertising…

We have Tech 21 amps in stock. There I said it. And they’re awesome. Come buy one and make your life better one righteous tone at a time.

www.richboromusic.com will tell you how to find us and come by and buy one or have us ship it to you.  You deserve it, after all of the wonderful things that you do.


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