Relic strat gets glossed over

In this age of distressed finishes, here’s a fresh take on a  relic’d strat we’ve never seen before…

This started out as a raw ash body and given an artificial aged finish. Our customer brought the body and a reference pic of a 60’s sunburst strat with lots of wear to a local air-brush artist. The cool thing here is that even the worn sections feature a gloss finish. It’s a real head-turner.  Our job was to take his trusty Fender Deluxe Powerhouse Strat and convert it into this body.

As you can see, this guitar was upgraded with Seymour Duncan’s Everything Axe pickup set. This popular configuration has (2) single-coil sized ‘buckers (Lil ’59 & JB jr.) and a noiseless middle pickup with lots of vintage quack (Duck’bucker, get it?).

Our first mission was to make the neck fit the smaller pocket of the new body…

We set our Dremmel in a template and used the sanding drum to take off just enough to ensure a snug fit. Nothing worse than a loose neck joint with unsightly gaps.

Next we have to find a spot for the 9-volt battery. Oh yeah, forgot to say that the Powerhouse Strat has a circuit board and a 9-volt compartment in the back. We don’t want to route out a battery compartment, so we’ll hide it in the spring cavity on the back like on a Clapton model. Luckily, the board was able to fit under the 5-way with a little foam to avoid shorting out.

I like before and after pictures. It makes it seem like we actually do something around here.

Here’s a shot of the new assembly next to the original body.

This shows the original placement of the preamp’s circuit board.

Here’s a closeup of a wear spot.  This ended up being an incredibly cool strat that made everyone who passed by the bench yesterday stop in their tracks.  Maybe he’ll give it to me for my birthday. It’s worth a shot.

Here’s a Gold Tone Banjitar that came in yesterday. Can’t stop thinking about it. Now I have to learn some banjo licks on a guitar. If you play it normally, it just sounds like a bad 6-string. I heard someone fingerpicking some rolls though, and it sounded awwwwwesome.

And  like Bruce Dickinson says somewhere in the middle of Live After Death, “Scream for me Hammersmith!”

Thanks for looking.


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