B, G and D on a V

So there I was giving my bank account number to a Kenyan General so that he could disperse his great uncle’s wealth from out of the hands of a corrupt government (he did choose to email me for help, so what’s a guy gonna do), when in walks our pal Mike. He was looking to install a Hipshot B-bender with a G palm lever and drop D toggle. Man, what a cool device that helps to do pedal steel licks on a 6-string. Only problem was that he wanted it on his prized 1972 Ibanez Flying V!

Drawing from Lonnie Mack’s signature Flying V for inspiration, we wanted to go a step further, lacquering the steel bar to match the finish and adding an accent piece of matching pickguard material…

This combination of levers allows for bending the B string up to C#, Bend the G up to A and toggle between Low E and drop D. The B bender has a long bar so you can manipulate it by leaning the bar against your hip, while the G has a palm lever with adjustable height.  It’s pretty awesome. No wonder we were able to put a man on the moon.

The only additional modification we made to the plate was to countersink an additional screw at the front. Since we’re mounting the Hipshot behind a stop tail, we wanted to have the cleanest string pull. This involved slightly raising the stop tail (we still need adequate break angle after the saddles) and putting a spacer under the Hipshot base plate.

These subtle adjustments, along with the help of the supplied teflon tubing for inside the stop tail, allowed for super smooth string movement and tuning stability.

So there you go. Lots of cool bending licks are awaiting the proud owner of the cool V. Mike also has the original case which we had to modify to fit the new hardware. There aren’t any pictures of this, so close your eyes and picture an aged gold interior with a V-shaped compartment at the end of the case, sawed down to be a trapezoid. Take a deep breath. See the case open and feel the happiness.

On another note, we just bought these cool MTV promotional picks from someone…

They smell just like it did in 1983. What a wonderful time for tortoise shell picks and New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) albums.


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