Custom Lefty Strat

From time to time, we’ve been known to put together some funky guitars. Sometimes at a customer’s request and sometimes we just find ourselves with some cool parts begging to be assembled.  This one was a collaboration with one of our all-time best customers Mike M. Mike’s a lefty and has to special order all of his guitars, and he has great taste. From Taylor walnuts to  Breedlove myrtles, Gretsches to G&L’s, he’s had some top shelf guitars. So we were flattered when he asked us to assemble him a killer strat. He wanted versatility, so we recommended the Seymour Duncan Everything Axe Set. This pickup set includes single-coil sized ‘buckers that retain the classic S/S/S strat look until you look up close. The Lil’59 is one of our fave neck pickups, as is the JB Jr in the bridge. Just enough chunk for classic rock and blues. The Duck Bucker in the middle lets you nail “Hey Joe” convincingly during the 3rd set. No fancy switching here, we’re going for a simple array of solid tones and the familiar 5-way switch.

This guitar features a 2-piece swamp ash body, finished in a trans-green burst. The stain and burst was done in-house, but we left the final clear coats to Fran Drummond at Drummond Custom Airbrush. His finishes have that “dipped in glass” look. He’s done some amazing work for us in the past and came through again on this one.

This is the rear view, showing off the killer grain of this light-weight ash body. The neck was sprayed in nitrocellulose lacquer with a vintage tint, slightly aged and given a speciall burst around the back of the headstock…

I don’t think we’re capable of not bursting a headstock in some way or another. I need to talk to someone about that. It’s becoming a problem. Those are black chrome  Gotoh’s on there as well to match the Gotoh/Wilkinson bridge.

We did a faux-grain on the headstock by spraying a TON of  tint and letting it swirl. It worked out great but I don’t think we could replicate it again. We just wanted to do something interesting. It was either this or overlaying a thin ash veneer to match the body.

Mike’s bridge of choice is this Wilkinson VS-100bk by Gotoh, made in Japan.  It was a special order in lefty but was worth the long, long wait.  It’s silky smooth and looks great.

Here’s a shot of the whole thing, pre-setup. My photography skills need some honing, so you can’t make out the pickups or the fact that it’s a white pearl pickuguard w/ black screws. hopefully we’ll get a better shot when it’s all done later today.

Until next time, remember what my Uncle Ned always told me. “Shut the door and stop making so much noise.” He really meant “Life is beautiful so enjoy every moment!”

Thanks Ned.


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