Floyd Rose block upgrades and awesome Disney TV

This week in the fascinating world of guitar repairs brings us to the discovery of trem block replacement. Over the last few years, we’ve heard of mysterious men upgrading the block of their trems. Now, this is the least glamourous upgrade  you can do to your guitar, since it’s only seen when the backplate is removed or the trem is uprooted from an unsuspecting guitar. That being said, we’ve heard great things from customers about increased sustain, pick attack and articulation when the stock zinc blocks are replaced with steel, brass or even titanium.

Here we’re going to show part of the installation of a customer’s 2nd Floyd Upgrades Big Block. He obviously heard enough from the first one to get another done, so let’s check it out…

Here’s his brand new EVH model with a stock steel block. Now, steel is an upgrade for most folks. In this case, he’s going for increased sustain and warmth and chose brass.  So off with the old…

Make sure you protect the finish! Tape and cardboard will do, but we use neoprene pads. And don’t eat any fried foods for at least an hour.

Here’s word of warning for some guitars like this EVH. The new Big Block won’t travel in this small opening. We’ll have to enlarge this rout to let the block travel freely when dive bombing. You can rout or Dremel if you’ve got a sure hand. Or have a professional blog-poster do it, which is really what we’re after here.

Here’s a comparison shot of the old and replacement block side by side. The brass block also has an extension “L” on the other side which isn’t accurately shown. Man, I’ve got to plan this better. When I see them like this I can’t help but think of that old Hefty Cinch Sack ad, ” Hefty hefty hefty, wimpy wimpy wimpy”. I love TV. And it shows.

Now you can see it. Bravo camera man. Bravo.

There we see it installed and ready to go. It sounds better just looking at it, doesn’t it?

If you squint reeeaally good at the out of focus part you’ll see where we expanded the the hole for the block to travel sufficiently.

Looks great with the new brass block, right? Hah, it’s the same picture from the beginning. Gotcha. Well, honestly it does sound much better. We were the last to be converted but it makes a big difference.  You can hit a big chord and hear every note ring out with improved clarity and sustain.  Who’d a thunk it.

There’s lots of block and saddle upgrades out there, but we’re partial to the folks at Floyd Upgrades. They make brass and titanium blocks, titanium saddles and many other upgrades that will enhance the performance of any trem-equipped guitar. Check them out at http://www.floydupgrades.com

Well, that’s all we have for today. I have to get back to the rerun of Wizards of Waverly Place. Our junior VP’s love Selena Gomez. It’s the one where…um, maybe I should stop now.


One Response to “Floyd Rose block upgrades and awesome Disney TV”

  1. George Borsuk Says:

    I Saw This on Face Book.

    “Jon Kalish
    Kudos to everyone at Coyle’s Richboro Music who worked on my guitars. 2 down, one left. Big Red is back in action and the PRS got some much needed TLC. Excited to get the explorer back. It’s like having two new guitars!”

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