This week in Guitar Fixin’…

It’s been a little while since we had a minute to update here, so let’s see what’s transpired recently.

This first number is an answer to the question, “How many knobs can we fit on that strat?” 

This is a Squier Strat brought to us by a heck of a nice guy, Haider. He requested some custom routing and to bring a pickguard tracing to life.  It’s pretty ambitious and we were happy to be part of the project.  Those offset ‘bucker holes are actually cut to fit (6) individual single coils. Lots of independant switching is in store for them. Hopefully we get a picture when it’s done.

Here’s a re-bound Guild archtop who’s original binding had shrunken and broken off badly enough to need replacement.  So off came all of the old binding and heel cap, to be replaced with fresh plastic and an over-spray of semi-gloss lacquer around the edges to match the sheen of the finish.  We don’t want the new binding to look out of place.

The finish on this guitar was very thin and worn in a few spots near the binding as it was, so we used lots of rope and avoided taping anything to preserve it. We trimmed it as level as possible without disturbing the finish too much.  Our good buddy Dan can now enjoy playing it without fear that the binding will fall off any more.

What else, what else…hmm. Oh yeah. We almost forgot to post this picture of one of our favorite customers with his prized new G&L.  Thanks for all the pretzels Mike. And we’ll soon have a lefty Custom strat done for this fine gentleman in Green Burst with matching headstock. But that’s another conversation.


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