Can you make me an ugly guitar?

Sure we can! Well one man’s ugly is another man’s head-turning piece of art. Somewhere in between is where we’re shooting for on this one. We start with a classic tele shape, rout out an angled middle pickup and primer it olive green. Then we burst it with cherry and amber and see what happens…

The dummy neck skews the angles a little since it’s not squarely in the pocket. It’s just for finishing and hanging, so don’t let that throw you off.  The back end of the bridge pu rout is parallel to the front of the middle rout.

To really throw off your senses, we’re going to mis-match the burst of the neck. We’re paring this body with a more classic tobacco burst neck with matching headstock…

The plan is for it to feature a Duncan Seth Lover neck with a cocobolo pickup ring , noiseless middle and Duncan Lil ’59 Tele in the bridge.

And if it doesn’t look as rad as we think it will, it’ll be our Classic Black model in a few days.

Updates to follow.


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