…so then he says, “Surf Green looks good on you” and I’m like, “what”?

So we finally get my big bro’s guitar done.  The shielding, the wiring, the neck shaping, the fretwork and then he says he wanted a Floyd Rose on it.  But that was after a bout of sleep deprivation. We talked him out of it.  Here’s the finished product from our secret underground custom shop.

Coyle's Custom T

It’s inspired by the Gatton Tele, with compensated brass saddles and Barden copy pickups (which sound great,  by the way). It’s a 12″ radius vintage ‘C’ neck with tinted gloss finish, vintage Kluson-style tuners, rosewood board and medium jumbos. And it weighs about 6lbs. , perfect for 4-set gigs behind chicken wire.

For Nashville-style volume swells, the control plate was mounted in reverse,  vol/ tone /switch.  It’s also a lower value tone cap (.01pF) so that the darkest setting still has some  pick attack.  And since we’re fanatical about the setup, this got the full treatment.  .010″ relief,  5/16″ at the 12th on the lo-E,  3/64″ at the 12th on the high E, all with no buzz.  Frets buffed up to 12000 grit for a mirror shine. Slicker than grease and really fun to play.

So there you go. Nothing earth-shattering, but a great custom Tele that didn’t break the bank.  It’s light weight and plays like a dream. So if you’ve got the itch for a custom guitar for well under $1000, give us a call and we’ll spec it out for you. Most hover around $599-$699 depending on options and satisfaction guaranteed.

Check us out at http://www.richboromusic.com



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