o.k., I get it, you fix headstocks…

Ah, but this one’s a cautionary tale. This particular guitar survived a fight which left it with a nasty crack and ( today’s topic) missing wood. The only reason we’re boring you with another headstock repair post is that recently a customer said they threw a guitar away becase their neck was broken and “missing a chunk”.  Then this one fell into our lap, destined to illustrate advances in modern science.

So after gluing and clamping, we had a gap on either side of the headstock as shown above.  Next we cleaned out the void and fitted some reinforcement strips.  I wish we had more detailed pics of the process, but we must’ve been particularly busy that day. Or low on film.

After some sanding, here’s our pre-finish outlook…

After taping over the logo and binding, we’re ready for the finish coats.  Looks like black, but it’s actually a translucent stain on the back of the neck. We used black walnut stained lacquer and it came out looking pretty good. This next pic is of the front before final buffing. We  forgot to take a final front pic, but the back is after final buffing.

So next time you drop your favorite guitar down the steps and can’t find a chunk of it, stop by before you throw it away.  Thanks for watching.


One Response to “o.k., I get it, you fix headstocks…”

  1. Beautiful work. Keep ’em coming please!

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