And more bridge repairs

Here’s another wounded acoustic, this time a killer sounding Guild maple jumbo 12.  The bridge has started to lift in the back, but was the second occurance for this particular guitar within a few months, so it had to come off again and have the top inspected.

The problem was that pieces of the spruce top were separating and lifting below the glue line of the bridge.  After gently prying the offending sections up and gluing, the surface of both the top and bridge were sanded smooth and scored prior to clamping.  We spliced in new pieces of spruce in the spots that stuck to the bridge when it was removed.

One detail not mentioned is that this is an acoustic electric with a Fishman Matrix  undersaddle pickup. Since the pilot hole in the saddle slot isn’t large enough to just push the pickup down through the top, we need to unsolder the connections  from the jack-mounted preamp and pull the wire up throught the bridge. Removing that was the first step before we removed the bridge, we’ll see it reinstalled next.

Here’s a shot of the bridge clamp…

Here’s the view post-repair.

Next we re-drill the hole for the pickup and clean out the holes for the bridge pins. Keep in mind that the excess glue fills them during clamping. The pickup lead is then resoldered onto the board and the endpin jack reinstalled.

Here’s our finished product, ready for the weekend’s gig.

 Thanks for letting us take care of this great sounding Guild 12.


One Response to “And more bridge repairs”

  1. Kudos to you all, I am a very lucky guy to have your expertise both repair and archive it all here, which I can now share! And the Guild 12 is sounding SO FINE- Thnx

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