’69 Strat gets a make-over

Here’s a beauty that just came in to un-do some previous modifications and get a good setup.  The previous owner had disengaged the tone controls and wired each pickup with it’s own volume control. I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time…

The good news is that the pickups and pots are all original. Also cool is that the bottom layer of the w/b/w pickguard was white pearl!!! Never saw that before. You have to love CBS era Fenders.

Some of the saddle height screws were pretty rough and stripped out, so we fixed what we could and replaced the rest with the appropriate size.

After cleaning up the pots and removing the old solder and rust, we’re ready to rewire to original spec…

Next we’re off to address the fretboard. The frets are badly dented and need to be leveled and dressed.

We couldn’t take them down too much, but there was enough meat left that we didn’t have to discuss a re-fret. After crowning and polishing, they looked good as new.

After replacing a couple of missing screws on the backplate with new aged screws, we’re ready to release this killer strat back to its owner.  This one’s a keeper, with a great weight (7.2 lbs) and a neck you dream about.

Thanks for checking us out and keep us in mind for your next project.


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