Betcha never saw one of these…

Here’s a beautifully done repro of Clapton’s Cream-era SG brought to us by our good pal Joe P.  He was nice enough to let us show it’s hardware transformation from nickel to gold.  It also had the frets leveled and crowned, but we won’t show the gory details of this guitar in a vulnerable state (for purely emotional reasons).

Here’s the original, destined for a new ABR-1, stop-tail, pickup covers, output jack nut and washer, toggle nut and screws in gold. All parts are authentic Gibson except for the special L-style toggle swtich nut which was courtesy of Allparts.

 After removing the solder joints holding the nickel covers on, we replaced the covers, resoldered the joints and gently cleaned the excess wax off of the new covers. A little bit of the wax seeps through the pole-piece holes when you squeeze the new cover over the bobbins. You have to be pretty carefull with gold covers, as some have very thin plating and can loose that deep gold color quite easily. Here we see the signed pickup cavity from the artist. Nice work indeed.

Here we are after very carefully removing the original bridge posts and replacing them with the new gold posts from the Gibson ABR-1 set. The new finish covered the threads going into the body, so we had to carefully heat the post with a soldering iron to soften up the clear coat covering a few threads.  After applying a minute of heat, they came out smoothly and left the finish perfectly intact.  No chips and another victory for the home team.   Another unexpected turn was that the replacement studs for the stop tail were very tight. After gently cleaning up the threads with the appropriate tap and some oil, the posts threaded into the studs clean and smooth.

The replacement bridge has unslotted saddles, so after measuring the the appropriate spot on each, we filed a string slot for each string’s specific guage. Joe uses a very particular guage of Ernie Balls, so we had to be sure that the slots were just right to avoid buzz or rattles.

After the previously mentioned fretwork was completed, we gave it a proper setup for optimal playbility. This guitar gets very light strings and a low action, so the intonation has to be dead on.

Black Speedknobs completed Joe’s vision for the perfect “Fool SG”. Thanks again for trusting us to help convert it for you Joe. We hope you get to show this baby off to jealous guys like us for years to come. I haven’t been able to get the wah solo from “Tales of Brave Ulysses” out of my head for the last 3 days…I don’t know if that song or his vocals in “Bell Bottom Blues” is Clapton’s finest moment.  Discuss among yourselves.


One Response to “Betcha never saw one of these…”

  1. Kevin,

    Thanks as always for the great work. I (and all of my guitars) appreciate it ).

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