Pickup installation on a Martin dread…

We’ve had some requests to do some play-by-play from the repair shop.  Here’s one that we did this morning.

This is a great sounding Martin that came in for a fret level and pickup installation. Our customer chose the L.R. Baggs Element, a great pickup that’ll compliment the strengths of his guitar.

First we removed some deep dents in the first position on the G, B and hi E. Lots of cowboy chords left their mark.

Next we set out to install the pickup. After gently pulling out the stock plastic end-pin, the hole was reamed to accomodate the output jack…

Next we drilled a pilot hole for the under saddle transducer. It has to go in at an angle, but carefull not to hit a brace.

After threading the pickup through the hole, the bridge is shaved to compensate for the thickness of the transducer.  While we’re at it, we removed all burrs and marks in the saddle, polishing with 2000 grit paper.


Now that the saddle’s in place we can install the endpin jack, soundhole-mounted volume control and battery bag. All wires are secured along the inside with clips.

Now it’s ready to go. Freshly dressed frets and an excellent sounding active pickup.  The Element retains the character of the guitar, so you can still tell it’s a Martin when it’s plugged in.

Click here to hear me play the intro to Dokken’s “Alone Again” in all 12 keys.


One Response to “Pickup installation on a Martin dread…”

  1. Love the work you did- really liked looking at the step by step of this. The Martin sounds awesome!


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